Community Liaison Organisation

Community liaison organisation

In line with international best practices, Sakhalin Energy set up a Community Liaison Organisation that aims at establishing and promoting mutual understanding and good-neighbour relations with local communities, government institutions, and other stakeholders on Sakhalin Island.

Dedicated specialists will be involved in all aspects of the interaction between the company and the wider community. The specialists will:

  • provide assistance and support for the implementation of the Sakhalin-2 project at local level;
  • liaise with representatives of municipal authorities;
  • establish efficient communication channels between Sakhalin Energy and its stakeholders;
  • directly handle complaints as set out in the Public Grievance procedure;
  • communicate changes in the community profile to key Sakhalin Energy target groups;
  • oversee the implementation of company’s social projects;
  • explain to communities both the requirements and standards of Sakhalin Energy.

Interaction with Community Liaison Officers:

Below are the contact details of the Sakhalin Energy Community Liaison Organisation team:

+7 914 759 93 38 - Elena Glavanova.

In case of questions related to Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan
+7 914 759 42 08 - Lina Zhamyanova.

Korsakov Community Liaision Officer:
+7 914 759 93 38 - Elena Glavanova.

Office address: Korsakov city, 11, Korsakovskaya str.
Open hours: Tuesday, Thursday - from 09:00 till 12:00.

In addition, details of Sakhalin Energy activities, project implementation, job opportunities and other useful information are available in the company’s information centres operating in district and village libraries during reception hours.

Community Meetings

Each year Sakhalin Energy holds meetings with local communities of Sakhalin Oblast. At the meetings, people are provided with information on company activities, social programmes, approved standards, etc. Local residents also have the opportunity to address their questions directly to Sakhalin Energy staff.

The meetings details are available on the following link.

Public meetings with Sakhalin Oblast residents report 2017 is here.

Public meetings with Sakhalin Oblast residents report 2018 is here.

Public meeting with Korsakov residents log, 8 June 2017 is here.

Public meeting with Korsakov residents log, 8 June 2018 is here

Public meeting with Korsakov residents log, 22 November 2018 is here.