Monitoring of the Sea Environment and Biota

The Company studies hydrological, hydrochemical, and hydrobiological characteristics of the marine environment and the state of the biota in the area of the production infrastructure — the platforms, the LNG Jetty, and the Oil Export Terminal in Aniva Bay.

  • The 2012 results are as follows:the hydrochemical characteristics correspond to background values and are below the standards for fishery water bodies;
  • the concentration of oil hydrocarbons and heavy metals in the bottom sediments are below the values that can cause biological effects;
  • a large number and diversity of benthic and plankton organisms indicates favourable conditions for their habitat;
  • well drilling, production, transportation, and shipping of oil and gas do not affect the local marine ecosystems; and
  • oil hydrocarbons and methane do not accumulate near the mouths of the appraisal wells.