Protected Bird Species Monitoring

About 40 species of birds listed in the Red Books of different levels are found in the area of the Sakhalin-2 project. The key species are the Steller's sea eagle, the white-tailed eagle, the Japanese snipe, the Siberian grouse, the Japanese robin, owls, the long-billed murrelet, the Sakhalin dunlin, and the Aleutian tern.

During the construction of the pipeline, the pipe-laying route was changed to bypass the breeding grounds of migratory species—the Sakhalin dunlin and the Aleutian tern forming colonies on the Chaivo spit. During the nesting period, the construction was suspended, certain kinds of work were permitted only after the mapping of nesting grounds and in case of confirmation of their absence in the work area.

The measures proved to be effective: the condition of the bird colonies is stable.
In 2011, the Company published the book entitled The Birds of Sakhalin with information about the species of birds including those protected by Sakhalin Energy.